Proudly lead by founder Luis Urdaneta and Ray Urdaneta, Alcora’s history gathers many success stories, thanks to its outstanding stakeholders.

With thousands of distributors across the U.S. and Latin America, between L’EUDINE Global and MONAT Global, the company is synonymous with opportunities and prosperity.

Our mission is to create and share our portfolio of top performing, naturally based beauty and wellness products with the world. We strive to grow our business with the same dedication to excellence and integrity we use to develop our products and our team members with sustainability and growth opportunities for all.

“We are so pleased to hear when our distributing leaders thrive, achieve their personal goals, attain financial stability, and enjoy a better lifestyle as a result of their authentic passion for our products and their admirable determination. That’s why ultimately we feel their triumphs as our own.”


Alcora’s Research & Development department is continuously testing and analyzing market trends and needs and only selects the best natural ingredients from all over the planet to formulate high-quality products that focus on the overall wellbeing of our consumers.

Having partnered with the best industry advisors and sales associates and looking to continue supplying products that truly harmonize mind and body, beauty and health, Alcora envisions MONAT and L’eudine becoming two of the leading Direct Sales companies in the US market; B&R Products further solidifying its position as one of the top cosmetic and personal care manufacturers in the world and Project Beauty growing both its online and brick and mortar presence in the consumer retail space.