Culture and Values

A living embodiment of the American dream, MONAT’s founder Luis Urdaneta grew up in the most modest of circumstances, but always carried with him two main mantras: honor family and dream big.

Today, the company that he founded is steeped in family tradition.

Urdaneta―who first dipped his toes into the direct selling world over thirty years ago―still believes that to be truly successful, one must invest in the success of others around them.

This was the inspiration for the direct selling company of premier beauty products called L’eudine Global.

With the support of his loving wife, sons Rayner Urdaneta (CEO) and Javier Urdaneta (Operations Manager), and daughter and Culture and Communications Manager, Luisaylen Urdaneta, the family made their foray into the American market, launching Alcora Corporation in 2008.

MONAT, their successful direct selling company with a unique social marketing approach, launched later in 2014.

Today, executives, employees, and entrepreneurs that cross paths with the Urdanetas have all experienced a warm welcome that can only be found with family.


In the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world―amid a stock market that’s forever in flux, and high-powered executives that seem to shift seats at the drop of a hat―there is something to be said about the familiarity of family.

And while you may not have business in your blood, the Urdanetas most certainly do.

When Luis Urdaneta founded L’EUDINE Global in 2001, he did so with the mission to maintain the solid values he had fostered in his own family.

Today, MONAT carries on that strong legacy―a wonderful example of the many ways family-owned companies come out on top.

Placing a high value on loyalty, personal relationships, and hard work, the Urdanetas invite you to help them carry on their traditions and reap the rewards that have become synonymous with excellent service.

Mother Theresa once said, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” When it comes to MONAT, good hair days and a great deal of dedication are bringing us closer to a better world (and better business).